Why Antiques?



Antiques and collectibles has always been something I have been interested in and enjoyed. Although the passion was there the light that ignited that passion was my wife who also had a passion for all things antique and the knowledge to go with it. Me and My wife actually started buying art and antiques that we loved, and we felt that they were a good way to save and make investments for the future. That passion slowly progressed into a business as we started discovering more things by traveling around the country then we could keep in our house. We went with instinct and usually bought things that we liked. Now other than collecting and investing we realized that these beautiful items from years gone by deserved another chance and that there were people who loved these things around the world and there was a market for Antiques and collectibles.  

We decided to turn our passion into a full time business, but we decided that we would offer a very customer friendly service which our customers could trust. Trust is a pillar of our business and we have a 100% satisfaction record. Our buyers know that when they buy from us they are buying a quality product which will bring a smile to their faces and be an investment for their or their family’s future.  

Thus started Amazing Antiques Etc. LIMITED with a passion to trade beautiful items of all sorts from days gone by, we specialize in English and European Porcelain and Ceramics but are expanding to add furniture, rugs, art and architectural salvage. We are proud of our collection of one of the largest inventories of Royal Doulton, Beswick, Coalport, Lladro and Royal Worcester in the North East of England, And are very proud to serve loyal customers from around the world!